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MSM Covid 19 Announcement

To all my current pupils and future pupils, we will have to follow a new code of practice for the lessons in the future when we begin again from 12th April 2021. 

Before the lesson, I shall try and call or text you as a minimum to confirm that you are fit and well enough to take the lesson. Should you, or any member of your household, social circle, or workplace have any C19 symptoms then I shall need you to tell me asap so we can reschedule the lesson to suit. No short notice fee will be charged for C19 cancellations. 

Before coming out to the car, would you please wash your hands as prescribed by HMG, with warm soapy water for 20 seconds and please avoid touching where possible anything before leaving home or work. 

When you get to the car, I shall provide hand sanitiser and ask you a few general health questions before we get into the car. In addition, I shall be taking your temperature with a non-contact thermometer before proceeding further. 

Windows will always be kept open. Airconditioning will not be used as we need to keep a flow of air from outside and apparently the virus thrives in cooler conditions. 

Disposable seat and steering wheel covers will be used during lessons which will be changed for each new learner. 

You will be required to bring with you a face mask that you will use for the duration of the lesson. If you wish you can wear disposable latex gloves. I shall be wearing gloves for the lesson. You will not be able to bring a bottle of drink to the car for consumption on the lesson for the foreseeable future. 

During the lesson I have always been a great believer in making eye contact as much as possible to help communicate an idea or encouragement, this too has to change and I shall be spending more time looking away from you toward the front of the car and will need you to do the same. 

When we stop to discuss an issue I shall no longer be able to offer you the sketch/diagram to take home with you but you can take a picture on your phone which we had been moving towards anyway, and if I use my tablet I should be able to email it to you. 

When we leave the car to discuss an item, eg, Show/Tell under the bonnet or discuss the tyres for example, we shall have to maintain a 1m separation distance. 

Where possible payments for lessons will be made by BACs transferred before the lesson. 

Before and after your lesson the car will be cleaned and sanitised as much as is practically possible for all our sakes. I ask that you do not wear short sleeves or shorts/skirts for the lesson as well. 

Hope you are keeping safe, lots of love to one and all. 

Meena Patel. ADI. 

PS. Should there be necessity to add/alter an item I shall let you know asap. 

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