Success Stories

Below are all of MSM's learners who have successfully passed their driving test with MSM since the company was formed in August 2013 and what they had to say about their driving experience with MSM. (Last updated in 2016 - Please visit: for the latest learner testimonials)

''Meena, I simply cannot find the words to describe how thankful I am for your exceptional support through all of our lessons together. As you are such a friendly and lovely person you made me feel extremely comfortable around you. The brilliant tips and methods you gave me on the manoeuvres truly helped me to understand. Whenever I lost confidence and felt as though I could not succeed, you were always there to encourage me and ensure that I was aware of my errors and how to correct them. I would not have done so well on my driving test (only 3 minors) were it not for your help as I felt very calm and relaxed. I'm extremely thankful and proud to have learnt from Meena’s Driving School. My success is a reflection of your abilities as an instructor.'' Alina

''Meena is a wonderful driving instructor, who taught me the skills I needed throughout my learning experience. I would highly recommend Meena to absolutely everyone, as she was so kind and patient with me when I made silly mistakes. I was incredibly anxious, however Meena was reassuring when teaching me. Learning to drive was something I was really keen to do when I turned 17, and I am so pleased I had Meena to teach me such an important skill. Thank you so much again for everything, I'm so happy to have passed first time.'' Laila

''Thanks for all your help and patience, driving isn't something that came naturally to me but you really helped me through it. I would and have already recommended to.'' Jordan

''I learnt with Meena in 3½ weeks! Theory test in week 3 (1 answer wrong), Practical test week 4 (6 minor faults). Meena’s methods are so easy and reliable that I was giving advice to other drivers before my test, her insights and analysis of my driving were invaluable. She literally does everything except sit the tests for you. I passed my test first time with Meena’s School of Motoring. Meena is, in my estimation, a natural teacher. Well grounded in theory, with practised expertise and analytical insights. Fool-proof techniques and methods are articulately delivered with good humour. I would have no hesitation in giving the fullest endorsement and recommendation to any prospective learners in the Leeds area.'' Edward

''No words can ever describe how grateful I am to you Meena for helping me pass my driving test. I'm so happy I could cry. Driving was something that did not come naturally to me at all. You are so lovely and friendly that I felt completely at ease when learning to drive. Very professional and patient also. Meena's pass rate says it all. Would recommend you to anyone. Thanks Meena, you've been an angel.'' Harriet

''The way Meena teaches is very unique yet fantastic! Everything she has taught me has made sense and helped me to pass much faster than I had naturally thought. I can honestly say Meena is one of the best teachers I've ever had and the best instructor hands down. Thanks again Meena'' Shanèad

''Thank you so much to Meena for helping me get through my test, such a lovely and caring person. Had so many good times during my lessons with Meena and so many laughs, thank you for making me feel confident and it has been a pleasure to get to know you. I would definitely recommend Meena's School of Motoring to learn to drive. 'No fear...Meena's Here'.'' Amy

''Meena is an excellent instructor with a calm and patient manner. She does everything possible to get you test ready and make sure you're safe on the road. She worked hard to create a learning schedule that fit around me, and I will always be grateful to her for seeing me through my test. Highly recommended.'' Qadeer

''Thanks for all your help with my driving lessons over the past two weeks, I've had a great time and your teaching tips have really helped me. I'm so pleased I've passed first time especially after only four lessons working on my manoeuvres. You're a great teacher Meena, thanks for all your help. Would definitely recommend you.'' Jamie

''Thank you so so much Meena for helping me with everything, you're such an amazing driving instructor and got me through it in no time. So glad I came to you to do my driving lessons. I can't believe I've passed my driving test first time. You've made me so confident in my driving and love how comfortable you made me feel when I took my lessons with you.'' Hafsah

'''Just passed my driving test and have to say a massive thanks to Meena for all her help. Could not fault her at all very friendly, patient and taught me techniques that made manoeuvres simple. Genuinely nice person and best instructor around. Would happily recommend Meena to anyone'' Owin

''Just want to say a big thank you for being such a wonderful instructor. I would highly recommend MSM to anyone wanting to pass the Driving Test and drive confidently forever. Meena is willingly helpful, patient, flexible and has her own genuine techniques for manoeuvres which work. All in all a brilliant instructor.''


''I'd like to thank Meena for all the time she has given me, it's all paid off! You have done a brilliant job and will definitely recommend you to others. It feels great to be the quickest person who has passed being taught by you'' Aitishaan

''It was a great experience, remarkable instructor who has a proven track record to pass her instructors. I would recommend MSM to anyone who is in need of a driving instructor! It will be a great choice'' Adeeq

''Excellent driving instructor, really helped me through and made me feel confident, would recommend you to anybody'' Ryan

''Meena is a great instructor in my opinion and I am glad to have her as my instructor. She guided me through with every driving manoeuvre until I got it perfect'' Ting Wei Wong

''I am happy because I passed my driving test. Meena helped me in every aspect of driving such as manoeuvres and controlling the car. She has her own techniques and explanations of every steps for different manoeuvres. Her notes were very useful. I recommend her to anybody who wants to pass there test on the first time. Thank you Meena for all the help and support'' Sirwan

'' I've just passed my driving test with only 2 minors, I was with Meena since January and she has taught me a lot, her methods for teaching manoeuvres are really easy to learn. She is a really patient person, she improved my confidence with driving and she is a great teacher, I will recommend her to any person wanting to learn how to drive and pass their driving test'' Aiden

''Many thanks to Meena for her patience, encouragement and support throughout my learning sessions. I passed first time in a short space of time. Meena's proffesionalism was a major factor contributing to this. Fully recommend Meena's School of Motoring for anyone who wants the best, a name to trust.'' Susmit

'''After deciding to start my lessons again Meena came highly recommended by friends, she is the most patient and loyal instructor you will ever have. Meena grew my confidence from my first lesson and made me feel at ease throughout. After passing I can honestly say that Meena is the best instructor, and gave me the skills and courage I needed to pass my test.'' Nicola

'''I learnt to drive with Meena last summer. I had put it off for a long time because I lacked confidence, but Meena put me at ease from day one. Over the few weeks I learnt with her, I quickly began to enjoy driving and looked forward to each lesson. Meena was great at making sure I understood everything, and with her expertise and patience, I managed to pass first time round. I honestly don't think I could have gained so much confidence in such a short time if it wasn't for Meena. She truly is a fantastic teacher!'' Priyanca

''Meena instantly made me feel comfortable driving, she clearly has a lot of experience with being an instructor, this was evident throughout my lessons, as she puts her own methods into play for manoeuvres, and puts you at ease even if you're not having the best lesson. I would recommend Meena to anyone looking to pass and pass quickly... Thank you Meena! You're a star!!'' Shyam

''I would just like to say a massive thank you to Meena Patel for all her hard work!! It's definitely paid off as I PASSED THE FIRST TIME. Meena is AMAZING at her job and made me feel confident in myself. Thank you so so soooo much!!!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED IF YOU WANT TO PASS FIRST TIME AND BE SAFE ON THE ROADS'' Kacie

''I still can't believe I've passed and it's all thanks to Meena! She is an excellent instructor who manages to make you feel so at ease and confident. When I first started learning I was nervous and doubted I would ever pass - Meena has always been so supportive and thoroughly explains everything in order to help you pass. All the stress was worth it and I'm so happy I passed thanks to Meena's school of motoring!" Maria

''I passed my driving test "First Time", without Meena's help I couldn't have done it. Meena is an excellent teacher who made me feel very confident and at ease. Meena helped me to be calm and confident on the day of my test which helped me overcome my nerves, thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your effort and help,and for being patient with me at all times. I highly recommend Meena if you want to pass first time, which is why Meena will be teaching my sister now.'' Amna

''Meena has been a fantastic driving instructor, I really couldn't have done it without her! I always looked forward to my driving lessons as they were fun and relaxed and whenever I struggled with something Meena was very patient and helped me to improve by explaining things clearly and making me look at the positives rather than dwelling on the negatives. Thanks Meena I really appreciate all your time and effort and would definitely recommend Meena's School of Motoring to anyone thinking of learning to drive.'' Claudia

"Meena taught me a lot of tips to be able to pass my driving test, she is an awesome instructor and I would like to say a massive thank you to her. She helped me to feel confident to be able to pass my driving test.'' Shofokah

''First time passed!! From no driving to full driving license under three months. Thanks to Meena's School of Motoring. Meena is a great and experienced instructor. I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone, she made me feel really confident and safe in the car, she taught me really well. She made sure to practice my weak areas and gave me lot of independent driving practice. We got on really well and it was really nice having someone I could have a laugh with as well learn a lot from. Thank you so much Meena.'' Vrushali

''I would recommend Meena to anyone looking to find an driving instructor who wants a flexible, patient and professional instructor hoping to gain the necessary skills to pass. On a personal note she was a great help to me, giving me advice not only to drive but how to grow as a driver once I pass.'' Maimoona

''I can't believe I took and passed my test so quickly as a first time driver! Meena made me feel so comfortable in the car it didn't feel like I was having driving lessons. I'd recommend Meena to anyone who is looking to learn to drive. Thank you Meena for everything'' Beth

''Thank you so much Meena for helping me pass my driving test. Anyone wanting to take driving lessons with the best instructor go to Meena's School of Motoring. She is very friendly and very understanding and she has nerves of steel with her patience and calm manner. Her teaching techniques are amazing especially with manoeuvres. She not only helps you pass your test but helps build your confidence up to become a safe driver for life. Meena is the best'' Rocco

''Thank you very much Meena, I'm very happy because I passed my practical driving test first time with Meena's School of Motoring. You are a very friendly instructor and thank you for your help and getting me through my test in a very short time. Highly recommend you to anyone'' Ali

''Meena was brilliant, I came to her very short notice and she happily took me on making extra time to fit me in which I am really appreciative of. She's calm and patient, and helped me with everything I needed to do to pass my test. Great teacher, would recommend her to anyone!'' Bo-Jackson

''I'm extremely happy, I passed my driving test with Meena today. She is a wonderful instructor and taught me the best way of driving. Her techniques are great and make driving especially for new learners quite easy. With Meena my confidence increased hugely and I felt relaxed while driving with her. Each lesson was fun and enjoyable for me. I do really appreciate her hard work and patient with me and would like to tell her THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT.'' Fatemah



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